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A bespoke next generation managed service, focusing on testing and training your entire human firewall


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Why people loves us

Easy to setup

We offer a completely managed solution, meaning we handle all of the configuration, testing, scheduling and reporting

4500+ potential scenarios

We've spent a huge amount of time creating locally relevant phishing scenarios to test your users with

Scenarios Based on our own customer phishing attacks

We have a huge database of phishing attacks our customers have experienced, and we use these to provide you with the most accurate and relevant phishing simulations

Regular updates

We will continually update our testing and training methodologies. If a new phishing attack is suddenly very popular, we will recommend adjusting the testing and training content and schedule

High Quality Training

The Training modules we provide are 4-5 minute NCSC certified videos. These are succinct, high quality and interesting, and feature a quiz at the end to track engagement and learning

Huge Improvements to your human firewall

With our analytics and reporting functionality you can see the amazing growth as we continually test and train your users

We are experienced, meticulous and enthusiastic to help improve your human firewall

We have a huge library of handcrafted locally relevant phishing scenarios, as well as a large database of phishing attacks our own customers have experienced. Allow us to combine this with high quality NCSC certified training to transform your organisations cyber security resilence

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"Cambridge Phishing was developed to provide high quality, localised and highly relevant Phishing Services to UK organisations"

We believe in providing a completely bespoke and tailored solution. We conduct thorough research to ensure we target past phishing breaches you’ve experienced, as well as your most commonly used suppliers, services and websites. Offering you a solution which actively tests and trains users against your organizations largest and most relevant threats

Philip Mashinchi

Founder - Cambridge Phishing

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